We believe we can establish Body Electric as the future of health by funding research in neuroscience, biomedical science, and engineering along with new advances in integrated technology with electrotherapy.

“Without energy life would be extinguished instantaneously, and the cellular fabric would collapse.”Albert Szent-GyöRgyi, Nobel Laureate in Medicine

Our purpose is to realize the potential of neural stimulation throughout the nervous system for the next generation of neuromodulation therapies.

To achieve this, we need to better understand the waves of measurable electrical activity that naturally regulate various functions of the body. Electricity is energy, and we can help the body utilize its natural energy to help with recovery.

With bioelectric-therapy, neurotechnology, and research in the neural patterns of the body, we will be able to influence these natural wave forms to stimulate better performance physically and mentally for those with impairments or illnesses, as well as for healthy individuals.

A significant purpose of the foundation will be the communication of scientific and medical advances in simple applications for the layperson. If people aren’t aware of the new possibilities of self-potential, they will never achieve them.

Body Electric is our terminology for research in neuromodulation and neuroplasticity to better utilize our body’s energy of natural electrical signals. By doing so, neural connections can be strengthened, resulting in increased neural communication that allows our bioelectric selves to perform better.

Body Electric is based on the understanding that our body’s electricity is a natural part of our body’s energy ecosystem. We are electric.

Body Electric recognizes that the body and brain are one and need to work together for optimal performance. Our entire being is alive due to its natural electricity, which is energy. The language of our thoughts is the conversation of 86 billion neurons throughout our body. It is a fluid dialogue of trillions of synapses that pulse in the brain, body, and mind in waves of electrical data. These waves of data can be modulated by noninvasive electrical stimulation, which can help facilitate healing, improve recovery, or optimize physical performance and mental acuity.

“Human beings, by changing the inner attitudes of their minds, can change the outer aspects of their lives.”William James, 1842-1910

Our natural energy of electrical impulses throughout the body creates plasticity, which is crucial in helping us reach our potential. It is our capacity to adapt, to change, and to evolve. Physical plasticity has long been evident in the way bones and tissue (muscles) change subject to mechanical manipulation or lack of stress. The brain too is built for change, and plasticity is its change agent.

Neuroplasticity is a relatively recent discovery in medical science. The prevailing belief was that the neural connections in our brain were “wired” when we were children and would remain fixed. Today the brain is viewed both as being active and as an activity itself. Research has shown that when the brain registers an experience, there is a physical and organizational change to the brain.

Challenging the brain and body with physical and mental activity is crucial to sustaining a healthy life, whereas noninvasive brain stimulation can optimize our natural energy to help us feel and perform better.

Body Electric recognizes that the mind is not simply a place, but the synchronized activity of the body and brain.