This section is like BODY ELECTRIC SIMPLE—touching on some of the ideas and information about understanding how your brain and body work together to create your mind, to create you. It’s a lot of information and no one actually has all the answers, so we’ll start with just a little and add some more every month.


We also want to help you with understanding the different terms and definitions, so if you touch the light bulb it will take you to a screen of Body Electric terms and words with their meanings. Isn’t it interesting that in cartoons and animations that when characters have a new thought a light bulb flashes over their head…hmm, it seems we have known about Body Electric for a while.

Catch A Wave

So what does Brain Wave mean?


When you think or dream or gaze off into space, your brain is working. Your brain is always working — even during sleep or a really boring lesson, it is generating energy that ripples across it. However, not all brain waves are the same. How do we know this? Well, the waves are electrical and they give off a signal — like a radio station. When you are in a deep sleep the waves are very quiet and slow, but if you are working hard on a problem or really excited the waves are faster and bigger.

How does the mind communicate throughout the body?


Your body, like your brain, is full of neurons that are in a constant conversation. The whole mass of them is what makes up your nervous system. How many neurons do you have in your body? Billions! In the brain alone there are 86 billon. And they are all sending electrical energy or signals throughout the body.

Brain Fart
Highway 61 revisited

Neuron signals flash down the neural highway at 200 miles per hour.

Brain Fart
Highway 61

If all the neurons in your body were connected, they would form a highway 600 miles long.

Brain Fart
Fuel Guzzler

Your brain is about 2% of your body weight, but uses over 20% of your body fuel resources and 25% of the oxygen you inhale.

Brain Fart
I can see clearly now

90% of all the information transmitted to the brain is visual.

Brain Fart
the line is busy

In one day your brain creates more electrical impulses than all telephones in the world.

Brain Fart
Just “chocolate!”

When you smell chocolate, it increases your theta brain waves which creates a relaxation response.